Bellem Femme

Bellem Femme
Having been passed down from generation to generation, it was an Indian Family who first created the organic recipe for the Belle Femme herbal oil, using Unani Oil as the base for this product. Ingredients such as almonds, coconut oil, mustard, cactus sesame, rose and neem leaves are among other items that have been lovingly used to create this incredibly nourishing hair oil.
The Belle Femme Herbal oil, will not only outshine all other hair oil products, but will give life to even the dullest and badly damaged hair.
From the first time you use it, you will see and feel a whole new body in your hair. Meticulously created and put together, our herbal oil is perfect for all hair types. It controls hair loss, repairs damaged hair, prevents dandruff, and basically nourishes and strengthens every single hair follicle in your beautiful heads.
How to use: The Belle Femme Herbal Oil should be applied on the scalp and hair, massaged in well and then left on for an hour before being rinsed and shampooed. It can be used up to three times a week.
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