The Belle Initiative
Surrounded by comfort, with a luxurious flare, Belle Femme aims to help you reinvent yourself and bring out the best of what you have.
Having been around since 1999, we believe that it is our simple, ethical and innovative way of doing things that has allowed us to become the successful brand that we are today. In a beautiful, serene and hygienic environment where you can dream and relax, we bring out all your feminine wiles by highlighting your best features through our refined and nourishing beauty treatments. Belle Femme will be true to you, exposing you to the newest trends, providing you with the finest experience, whilst giving you the classical and essential care that you are seeking.
Renowned for our signature treatments as well as the Belle Femme Herbal Hair Oil, clients come to us to experience the most luxurious sessions that Dubai can offer. From the 24K Gold massage, to the oxygen treatment facials as well as the mouthwatering chocolate massage and sparkling diamond peels, there is something in Belle Femme for everyone.