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So, if I enter this loyalty program, what do I get?Ans:
Once we sign you up with your email and phone number, you get AED 25/ in your account, and every time you visit us, you receive 5 % cash back on your bill
Why only 5 %?Ans:
You start at 5 %, and the more you visit us and pamper yourself, the more you will indulge in more cash back. With Belle Femme Customer Loyalty Program, you can go from Silver to Gold to Platinum.
At Silver, I start at 5 % cash back, what is the percentage for Gold and Platinum?Ans:
For Gold, the percentage is 7 % and the Platinum is 10 %.
Do I get the sign up reward of AED 25/ directly?Ans:
Once you fill your profile, you get the AED25/ as a welcome gift to our Loyalty Program
What happens if I do not give you my email address?
Or if I do not have an email address?Ans:
You will not be able to track your account status after a visit, but you will receive SMS with your updated balance. We can also check at anytime, and let you know.
What happens if I do not activate my account?Ans:
You need to activate your account by filling your profile to be able to redeem your cash back.
And if I activate my account?Ans:
You will be able to check your account and the history of your visits at any point in time from your phone or laptop or tablet. Moreover, after every visit, you will receive an email highlighting the cash back collected from this visit and your current balance, you will be able to redeem the cash back and other exclusive offers for the loyalty members.
What do I get if I refer Belle Femme to my new friend or colleague?Ans:
If you refer Belle Femme to new friends & colleagues you earn AED 50/ Reward per referral. Just make sure you ask your friend/colleague to mention your name on check out.
How many emails you will send me?Ans:
Every time that you visit Belle Femme, you receive an email detailing your last transaction; and you might receive ONLY one additional email per month related to an offer.
I noticed that I gain less cash back from at Home why?Ans:
For the branches, when you are silver, you get 5 % cash back. For at Home you get 3% cash back since in this case we are coming to you to offer you the services.
Can I choose the amount to redeem?Ans:
You can redeem your balance once you have accumulated up to AED 40 and above. You can then choose to redeem AED 40 or more.
What is the expiration date for my cash back?Ans:
The expiration date is 4 months. If after 4 months, you do not use them, they will expire. We will send you 3 emails and SMS to remind you of the same.
What if I forget to ask for the cash back?Ans:
We will be reminding you and asking you if you would like to redeem them whenever you visit us.
If I need to check my balance at any point in time, how do I do that?Ans:
By clicking on the SMS/email received from Belle Femme about your balance, Calling up our spas and by sending an email to